Caxton Press

Shame The Devil

Defcon Records

The extra large debut album from the force that is Caxton Press, straight thunder pound sound from Manage, Emcee Killa, Kingpin, Amy True & DJ Snuff, with production coming from Profound, Sivey, Hutch, Hermit The Slob, Manage, Fundament & Think. Plus extra cuts from DJ Loctite & DJ Shorty, guests also include Maverick Sabre & Jai, big tings, big release

01. Intro (Heart Of A Lion)

02. Running

03. The Original

04. Rally Up

05. Touch The Sun

06. The Press

07. The Breakout

08. One’S Up

09. Big Buck Star

10. Just Won’T Stop

11. Lionhearts -Feat.Maverick Sabre And Jai

12. Broken Dreams

13. Mug Shot

14. I Wanna See

15. Why

16. I Wanna See

17. Outro


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