Shots Of Smirnoff

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Kyza busts down some doors here with this DJ Nonames mixtape Shots Of Smirnoff from 2009, a solid set from the get go with a little help from D.Ablo on the vocab. The majority of this release is original material with production from Bless Beats, Ghost Town, Chemo, 2Tall and King Knut who all lace Kyza with some very impressive beats, and as you’d expect, he rips it, showing many sides of his personality and depth of lyric writing.

(Limited copies in stock)

01. Murderman Intro

02. Sin City Ft. D.Ablo

03. The King

04. Zonin’

05. Exit Wound

06. The Dirtiest

07. The Puzzle

08. My Soul

09. Go!

10. Dumb

11. Deal With It

12. Freddy

13. Wild Orchid

14. It’s Yours

15. Problem Kid

16. Don’t Touch Me

17. Dirty

18. Love & Music


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