Sleepin' Giantz

Sleepin' Giantz

Tru Thoughts

Sleepin’ Giantz (aka Zed Bias, Rodney P and Fallacy) release their heavily anticipated self-titled debut album on Tru Thoughts, joining the dots between hip hop, house, grime, dubstep and garage. This release reeks of experience, all three artists have gone in here and bodied the whole affair, it’s like a night out in England, all on one album, love it.

01. Sleepin’ Giantz Theme -Feat.Fox

02. Mucky

03. Badungdeng

03. And The Ting Went… -Feat.Btch Pls

04. Hand Grenade

05. Raving Bully

06. Draw For Tha Zee

07. Life -Feat.Strategy

08. MC Pt.1

09. Kerosine -Feat.Fox

10. Final Curtain -Feat.Jenna G


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