Jam Baxter

...So We Ate Them Whole

High Focus Records

Jam Baxter’s long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed Gruesome Features is finally here. …So We Ate Them Whole is Jam Baxter’s brand new solo offering comprised of 14 tracks of pure Baxter brilliance entirely produced by mysterious South London music mogul Telemachus. The CD comes shrink wrapped with a 16 page lyric book.

01. Wings Cost Extra

02. Caravan

03. Incoming

04. Leash

05. Leash (Cont.)

06. Eulogy

07. 28 Staples

08. Husk

09. Everything ft. Jareth

10. Vines

11. Clockwork

12. Menu ft. Dirty Dike & DJ Sammy B-Side

13. Fantastic Man

14. Breakfast


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