Rhyme Asylum

Solitary Confinement

Rhyme Asylum Records

Rhyme Asylum’s second album from 2010, rolling with 18 big tracks sounding sick with the volume up to full, boomin’ with solid wordplay & production. Beats come from Al’Tarba, Chemo, The Returners, Engineer, Hirolla, Think, DJ Butcher, Profound and Ill Fated; guest wise there’s stateside emcees Ill Bill, Crooked I & DarkStar, plus RA affiliate Reain, a journey into the minds of madmen.

This has been long out of print, we have the last three copies direct from the crew themselves.

01. Solitary Confinement

02. For The Hate

03. This Is Where

04. Divine Right Of Kings

05. Next Level

06. Event Horizon Ft. Crooked I

07. Axe Of Violence

08. I Know

09. Strange Deranged Ft. Reain

10. The ‘N Word’

11. The Art Of Raw

12. Returmination

13. Who Goes There

14. Don’t Wanna Be

15. Straight Jacket Immortals

16. Broken Window

17. Open Mic Surgery Ft. Darkstar & Ill Bill

18. Life Support


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