Confucius MC


YNR Productions

Confucius MC once again combines with the very talented French producer Keor Meteor, to create a masterful album soaked in soulful jazz breaks, ill lyrical flows and expert penmanship from this esteemed emcee. One not to miss!

“When I was writing these rhymes I went through a sequence of really life changing events. At the time I found a lot of salvation in Peckham Rye Park, training and running most days. And when I wasn’t doing that I’d walk around listening to the beats, building the rhymes in my head.”

While Confucius remains the star of the show, he is joined by a supporting cast who help to maintain the album’s mood throughout. YNR chief, Jehst, makes his first of two appearances on chemistry-charged World Stage, crashing the party again on the talent laden Lanterns alongside cross-generational guests Verbz and Sonnyjim. The lyrical bar remains high for the duration, with the final guest spots of the album reserved for international codebreakers Strange U and Lee Scott on the cryptic Cicada 3301.

Comes in a sealed full colour card wallet.

01. Welcome to Somewhere

02. Land of the Free

03. Robots on Mars

04. Shadows of Yesterday

05. Light Years

06. World Stage ft. Jehst

07. Sea of Life

08. Gazpacho Soup

09. Lanterns ft. Sonnyjim, Verbz & Jehst

10. War and Peace

11. Cicada 3301 ft. Strange U & Lee Scott

12. Solstice

13. Eyes Don’t Shine

14. Song for Everyone / Somewhere


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