Craig Smith Presents Sound Signals

Soul Searching Vol.1

Sfsb Recordings
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Sounds From The South Beach Recordings come with a wicked soul drenched boom bap instrumental album from producers Craig Smith and Andrew McGroaty, aka Sound Signals. Expect a crate full of chopped up soul and rare grooves laced with some ill drums, such a dope release with nuff flava onboard. One for the emcees to get buck wild with, one for the deejays to get busy with, or one to just drop the needle on and play from start to finish, finesse excessed.

A1. The Start

A2. Do It Like This

A3. Sids Theme

A4. Need Your Love

A5. Check It

A6. Oh Yeah

A7. Freedom

A8. Finders Keepers

A9. The Question

A10. Dedication

A11. Not Quite Everything

A12. Dig It

B1. Used To Smoke A Lot

B2. Burnt

B3. Stop!

B4. Decent ft. Leem Lizzy

B5. Heaven

B6. And You Don’t Stop

B7. You Know The Steez

B8. Damn That’s Cold

B9. Puppet On A String

B10. The Top

B11. Oh Lord

B12. Know Your Limits


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