Soundtrack To The Struggle

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Lowkey’s epic double CD album Soundtrack To The Struggle from 2011 is exactly that, a journey through the mind of a true poet, not afraid to put his thoughts onto paper and express them to the world. A heartfelt message throughout the album with some dope production from BeatNick & K-Salaam, Jetsun, Nutty P, Show N Prove, Quincey Tones, Sivey, Last Resort, Red Skull, Big G & Vendetta, plus guests such as M1, Immortal Technique, Klashnekoff, Black The Ripper and more, don’t sleep.

Disc One:

01. Soundtrack To The Struggle

02. Too Much -Feat.Shadia Mansour

03. Voices Of The Voiceless -Feat.Immortal Technique

04. Hand On Your Gun

05. Skit 1

06. Terrorist?

07. Something Wonderful

08. Dreamers -Feat.Mai Khalil

09. Skit 2

10. Obama Nation

11. Skit 3

12. Cradle Of Civilisation -Feat.Mai Khalil

13. Skit 4

Disc Two:

01. Blood, Sweat And Tears -Feat.Klashnekoff

02. Everything I Am

03. Skit 5

04. Long Live Palestine

05. We Will Rise -Feat.Sanasino

06. My Soul

07. Skit 6

08. The Butterfly Effect

09. Obama Nation Pt. 2 -Feat.M1 (Of Dead Prez) & Black The Ripper

10. Dear England -Feat.Mai Khalil

11. Haunted -Feat.Mai Khalil

12. Terrorist? Part 2 -Feat.Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil

13. Million Man March -Feat.Mai Khalil


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