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South Coast


Rolling for 85 minutes and bursting with banging tunes, illuminating and often hilarious interviews, stunning breaking, graffiti pieces and live performances, the South Coast film from 2007 charts the arrival of hip hop in the UK in the 1980s, the formation of home-grown Britcore crews and their success in Europe but invisibility in the UK, the dark days of rave when UK hip hop was a pariah, up to recent years where it has found a distinct English accent and bounded out of the U.S. shadow.

Featuring all 4 elements of hip hop, the film stars characters ranging from MCs Buzz, UK Beatbox champ Beardyman, Dr Syntax, Koaste, Stig of The Dump and old-skool heroes Deliverance, to DJs/producers ranging from pioneer Norman Cook, DMC champ JFB to Evil Ed, 184 and Blackgrass. There’s amazing breaking action from Battlejam featuring JP, The Floor Crusaders and Dancing Bears amongst others, whilst graf masterpieces and bolt-cutter action is served up by a whole host of writers including the Rarekind Fam, Odisy, Req1 and Taco.

South Coast showcases the talents of a whole host of MCs, graff writers, DJs, beatboxers, producers and breakers including… Norman Cook, Beardyman, Killa Kela, Damian Harris / Midfield General, Skint Records, JFB, Yungun, Rob Luis, Native Son, Zebra Traffic, Evil Ed, Stig of the Dump, Tom Simpson, Odisie, New Team, Heavy Artilliery, Taco, Dark Daze, Menagerie, Imagineers, Hinesy, Lost Souls, Green Keepers, Slip Jam B, Knowledge of Self, Beatdown, Elemental, Nick Maxwell, Tom Caruana, Salvo, Last Minute Records, Blackgrass, Tyni, Tim Howarth, 184, HP, Devize, First Down, Born To Rock, Digitek, Koaste, Witchdoctor Wise, 5 Missions More, Dr Syntax, Deliverance, Plan B, Aroe, MC Mell’o, Crespo, Hypercondriacs, Sons of the Tribe, Killa Instinct, Hijack, Baba Brinkman, Newborn, Daps, Dancing Bears, Rarekind, Floor Crusaders, Enlish, Battlejam, Sin Cru, Scizzahz, Gizmo, Brainiac, Russ Rockwell, Surgical Cuts, Phat Kev, Buzz, Dirty Diggers, Q-Fam Collective, Pac Man, Harpo, Tenshun, Monkey Sons, Req1, Non-Conformist, Darkcore, Tru Thoughts, and many, many more.


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