Rhyme Asylum

State Of Lunacy

Rekabet Records

A monumental debut from the Rhyme Asylum crew back in 2008 as Plazma, Possessed, Psiklone & Skirmish come together with production from S-Type & Leatherface, and special guest emcees Copywrite, Diabolic & Reain to unleash their infamous State Of Lunacy album. Don’t sleep.

Long out of print… we have a limited amount of sealed cd’s directly from the crew that has been found. Don’t delay if you want a copy.

01. Explorers Of The Mind (Intro)

02. Ground Zero

03. Straight Jacket Part I ft. Reain

04. The Awakening (Skit)

05. Lost

06. Multiplicity

07. Smoke Screens & Pipe Dreams

08. Unreasonable ft. Diabolic

09. Poison Penmanship

10. Test Of Faith

11. Stark Raving Genius

12. Attitude Problem ft. Copywrite

13. Straight Jacket Part II ft. Reain

14. Holding On

15. Shadow People (Skit)

16. Iller Instinct

Bonus Track

17. Multiplicity (Remix)


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