Doc Brown


Poisonous Productions/Bust A Gut

A fantastic return for Doc Brown with this brand new album Stemma, fully produced by Ali Bla Bla, Cores, Midas Touch Music & EXT. Plus extended special guests Luc Skyz, Example & Mikill Pane also onboard. A top of the class production from all involved with a rock solid sound and execution. Get busy!

01. Homeward

02. Empires Ft. Luc Skyz

03. I Got This Ft. Mikill Pane

04. Corruptible

05. Ducking Out

06. Papillon

07. Forever

08. Small Hours

09. Lights Out Ft. Example

10. Odd One Out Ft. Luc Skyz

11. So Surface

12. Hydroplaning


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