The Mouse Outfit

Step Steadier


The Mouse Outfit follow up their award winning 2013 debut Escape Music with this bangin’ 16 tracker, Step Steadier, featuring Sparkz, Verb T, Truthos Mufasa, Dr Syntax, Fox, Ellis Meade, Jman, Dubbul O, Tman & Cutterz. With the production being crafted by Mouse Outfit’s own Pitch, Chini and Defty. An all star cast for an all star album. Serious talk, they’ve surpassed themselves here and crafted yet another masterpiece, as on point as their first, if not better. Can’t rate this enough, The Mouse Outfit are onto something.

01. No Stoppin This ft. Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa

02. Credits Roll ft. Verb T

03. Bye Bye ft. Sparkz

04. Step Steadier ft. Fox

05. Power ft. Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa

06. Greatest Story ft. Verb T

07. Sip A Little Bit Of Rum ft. Sparkz & Fox

08. Who’s Up Next ft. Dr Syntax, Sparkz, Truthos Mufasa, Dubbul O & Cutterz

09. Time ft. Ellis Meade

10. 007 ft. Fox, Sparkz, Jman & Tman

11. The Answer ft. Dr Syntax

12. Wrap Another Zoot ft. Fox

13. No Wonder ft. Sparkz

14. For The Soul ft. Verb T

15. Up To Scratch ft. Dr Syntax

16. Saga ft. Sparkz & Dubbul O


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