Baileys Brown

Still Fresh

Potent Funk Records
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Bristol’s Baileys Brown comes with a super fresh, Still Fresh infact, album release for Potent Funk Records. A healthy dose of mind expanding production and lyricism from the likes of Datkid, Bil Next, Dabbla, Alex Holy, Stinkin Slumrok, Lee Scott, Juga-Naut, Anbu, Jinxsta, Conz, J0117, Hozay, Bogues, LY and Jordan Nathaniel. A great release is this, Potent Funk indeed.

A1. Reeboks Ft. Axel Holy, Stinkin Slumrok & Datkid

A2. Die Hard Ft. Axel Holy & Anbu

A3. Horses Mouth Ft. Datkid & Jinxsta

A4. More Than Ruff Ft. Axel Holy & Juga-Naut

A5. Swim Ft. Datkid, Jinxsta & Hozay

A6. Neckbreak Ft. Bil Next, Conz & Jay0117

B7. Cold Ft. Axel Holy

B8. Something Else Entirely Ft. Lee Scott & Dabbla

B9. Bouwtchu Ft. Bogues

B10. Lost In Space Ft. Jordan Nathaniel

B11. Rockports Ft. Axel Holey & Ly

B12. So Grand Ft. Ly

B13. Gimme Ft. Datkid & Dabbla


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