Verb T & Illinformed

Stranded In Foggy Times

High Focus Records

Stranded in Foggy Times both continues and completes the trilogy that began back in 2015, with The Man with the Foggy Eyes, before broadening the horizons with last year’s release of The Land of the Foggy Skies. This final chapter returns to the same conceptual landscape as its predecessors, but also sees Verb T and Illinformed returning to a more classic approach to album making, with Illinformed moving away from the more rugged sound that has shrouded the British scene over the last few months and providing Verb T with an arguably more mellow backdrop.

In spite of its concept, the Foggy Trilogy is something of a personal outpouring for Verb T, with the original aim being to vicariously discuss the trials and tribulations that play a part in his life, including his struggles with chronic illness and the feeling of alienation from leaving his hometown, while also reflecting on the state of the world as a whole.

The album also boasts one of the most impressive guestlists of the year, there are features from the likes of Res One, King Kashmere, Datkid, Leaf Dog, Smellington Piff, Chillman, DJ Rogue, Rye Shabby and Moreone.

01. Legacy

02. First Step

03. Auditory Hallucination

04. Between Worlds

05. Healing

06. God Of War

07. Next Dimension ft. BVA, Rye Shabby & Jack Jetson

08. Through The Roof ft. Leaf Dog & Datkid

09. Foggy Times

10. Thought Bubble ft. Moreone

11. Dark Corners

12. Purgatory

13. Eyes Of A Ghost ft. Res One & DJ Rogue

14. Lump Sums ft. Smellington Piff

15. Overnight ft. The Four Owls & Datkid

16. Feeling Strange ft. King Kashmere

17. The Climb

18. Problematic ft. Chillman & Eric The Red

19. Blind Faith


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