Tom Caruana

Strange Planet

Tea Sea Records

Thousands of years ago, a vast armada of spacecraft journeyed across an ocean of stars in search of planets capable of supporting life: to this aim, planet Earth was discovered and colonised. Only now do we begin to translate the recordings of this fantastic historical event…

Strange Planet (OST), the new album from UK producer Tom Caruana (Wu-Tang vs The Beatles/Jimi Hendrix, Son Of Sam) is the result of some of these audio finds.

Amassing an all star cast of solitary space cowboys, Mr Lif, Jehst, King Kashmere, Denmark Vessey, Lee Scott, Paten Locke, Confucius MC, Billy Woods, Willie Evans Jr, Kosyne, Magestik Legend, Joker Starr, Prince Po, VVV (Juga-Naut, Cappo & Vandal Savage), Boog Brown, Scor-Zay-Zee, Dillon, HPBLK, Skuff, Maddy, Skriblah DanGogh and Rup address this planetary good vibe zone.

Intergalactic observations have picked up readings of intense energy waves coming from Earth music, and the musicians capable of producing it are being abducted at an alarming rate. This is a glass onion of an album and there’s plenty of dots to join together. The album is in part a reflection of the times and our everyday lives on this strange planet we live on (everything was recorded pre-pandemic). No one was given a brief to work to either, the tracks (with the exception of Chains and Bounty Hunter On The Rise) just forming themselves. King Kashmere’s track really kicked off ideas for the concept of this collection, so it made sense to open the album with his track Stranded.

Strange Planet takes you on a far out experience, by looking at what’s already right under your nose.

Music wise Tom treats us to an array beats with rich textures, synths, banging drums, old film and radio samples, tinged with melancholia and the surreal.

(Sealed digipack cd version)

01. Opening Credits

02. Stranded ft. King Kashmere

03. Critical Status ft. Mr. Lif

04. Sandbag Veteran ft. Willie Evans Jr.

05. Pig Meat ft. Paten Locke

06. Ole ft. Denmark Vessey

07. Planets Realigned ft. Jehst

08. The Beginning ft. Joker Starr & Skriblah DanGogh

09. 3000 Volt Scarf ft. Lee Scott

10. Saltfish ft. Billy Woods & Denmark Vessey

11. Run Run ft. Magestik Legend

12. Intergalactic Observation

13. David Copperfield ft. VVV (Cappo, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage)

14. Here’s A Sandwich ft. Prince Po

15. Never Be Kings ft. Confucius MC

16. Hostile ft. Boog Brown & Magestik Legend

17. Lost My Way ft. Maddy

18. Where Were You? ft. Denmark Vessey

19. Straw Dogs ft. Rup

20. Allen Stranger ft. HPBLK

21. Bounty Hunter On The Rise ft. Kosyne

22. iKnow ft. Skuff & Scor-Zay-Zee

23. Chains ft. Dillon


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