Tesla's Ghost

Stretch Lincolns


One hell of a release, the debut full length album Stretch Lincolns from Triple Darkness, Circle Makerz & The Odd Couple sling shottah Tesla’s Ghost. Rolling deep at fifteen big tracks with production coming from Soss, Gerry Boy, G.I., Tony Mahoney, Illinformed, Noize Thievery & Karnate. Plus special guest emcees Conway, Estee Nack, Purpose & Ray Vendetta riding in the passenger seat.

It may seem like an expensive ride, but for good reason, the packaging and presentation will blow you away, let alone the material onboard.

(Limited edition tape in a sealed fold out box + enveloped insert)

A1. Intro

A2. Below The Seven

A3. Jackals

A4. Presidential Ink

A5. Zero Hour

A6. Fedoraz Ft. Conway The Machine & Ray Vendetta

A7. Iron Sight

B8. Snow Camo

B9. Film Clip

B10. Why Cry? [Film Reel 1]

B11. That’s Metal

B12. Carcano

B13. Gun Cases Ft. Ray Vendetta

B14. 1963 [Film Reel 2]

B15. Iron Sight Reloaded Ft. Estee Nack & Purpose Of Tragic Allies & Ray Vendetta


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