Onoe Caponoe

Surf Or Die

High Focus Records

Onoe Caponoe is a true individual in a sea full of clones. A truly unique voice, hailing from an unknown area of London, that rises above the endless conveyor belt cacophony of ‘road rap’, ‘drill’, ‘trap’, ‘grime’, ‘mumble rappers’, ‘cloud rap’, ‘underground rappers’ etc… Onoe carves out his own corner of the galaxy that is truly his own amidst a sea of noise that sadly, all sound the same. Having refined his vision through years of painstaking experimentation, Onoe has travelled to realms most rappers would never dream of going.

The road less travelled is the norm for trailblazing artists like Onoe, a real risk taker and fearless creative. Surf Or Die, is the definitive ONOE CAPONOE album, a relentless tirade of unapologetic bangers from the OTHER side. BEWARE!

Surf Or Die comes in a full colour digi pack, shrink wrapped for extra freshness.

01. Introduction

02. Suicide City

03. Red Planet

04. Miss Universe

05. Blood Moon (City Hunt)

06. Carnival Of Souls (Hypno Pop)

07. Valentines Massacre

08. Graveyard Funk

09. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

10. Chop Em Down (Mosh Of The Dead) ft. L-Zee Rozelli

11. Last Bittersweet Moment

12. Heathers

13. Spaceship Funk

14. Raincloud

15. Phone Off

16. Crazy Cat Coffee Party

17. Yellow Brix

18. Lost The Love

19. Cymatics

20. Black Sun (Love Is Key)


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