Si Phili

The 11th Hour

Phoenix Recordings

Luton based top shotta spitter Si Phili finally delivers his debut solo album, having spent years in the game as part of Phi-Life Cypher and in more recent years alongside Dotz as Phili N Dotz, now is the time to come correct on a solo tip.

Some mighty manoeuvres are being made right here, at 21 tracks deep The 11th Hour kicks hard! He smashes it, some ill beats accompany equally ill verses, all firin’, no messing. Features also include Sizzla, Afu Ra, Rockness Monster, Benjamin Zephania, Mayhem, Skirmish, eMCee Killa, Dotz, Charm & J Lorenzo. While the beats are constructed by Leaf Dog, Richy Spitz, Pete Cannon, Passion Hifi, Urban Click, Duggie Beats, Hirola, Hugh Heffner & Anno Domini.

01. 11:00

02. Check It Out

03. P-H-I-L-I

04. Big Bars ft. Dotz

05. Let It Go

06. In The Morning ft. J Lorenzo

07. Travelling

08. Brand New

09. Chastity Rap

10. Pain

11. Help Me

12. 11.30

13. Free

14. Ghetto Trend Setters ft. Sizzla Kalonji

15. Revolutionary Bars ft. Afu Ra & Mayhem

16. Police St8 ft. Charm & Emcee Killa

17. Change ft. J Lorenzo

18. Barmageddon ft. Rockness Monster & Skirmish

19. Bringin It Back ft. J Lorenzo

20. Scrolling ft. Benjamin Zephania

21. 11:59 ft. Frank Philbert


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