Motman X Micall Parknsun

The 3rd Tier (The Complete Collection)

Runt Life Records

Bristol’s Motman returns teamed up once again with Micall Parknsun lacing the beats for this double album package. It includes The 3rd Tier and Second Strain, 21 tracks in total, with guests Ray Vendetta, Flowtecs, AnywayThaGod, Tom Ryan, C.O.N-Vers, KG Chi, Mista E, DJ Rogue, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Danny Brompton, Omus One & Big Daddy Rap Beats also onboard.

A limited digipack cd pressing of 150 copies, comes with two free stickers.

01. Welcome To The 3rd Tier Ft. DJ Rogue

02. Still Running Ft. Micall Parknsun

03. Keep The Soul Alive Ft. AnyWay Tha God

04. Quick Slick Talk

05. A Letter To A Stranger

06. Long Cold Nights

07. Belly Of The Beast Ft. Ray Vendetta, Flowtecs & Tom Ryan

08. Time To Call It A Day

09. Game Of Chess Ft. C.O.N-Vers

10. Drop Jewels Ft. KG Chi & Mista E (Dantian Collective)

The 3rd Tier (The Second Strain)

11. End Of The World

12. Nearly Lost It ft. Raggo Zulu Rebel

13. Nightmares Or Reality?

14. Make It Pop ft. Danny Brompton

15. Steady Blowing On The Glue

16. No Effing About

17. Snakes In The Grass ft. Omus One

18. M.V.B ft. Big Daddy Rap Beast

19. Bad Excuses

20. Deal With Pain ft. Mista E

21. Forever


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