Cyrus Malachi

The Blind Watchmaker

Revorg Records
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Superior sharp verbal swordplay from Triple Darkness emcee Cyrus Malachi as he delivers a sterling set of tracks produced by dons Evil Ed & DJ Drinks. None can test The Blind Watchmaker here on a time traveling 33rpm rotating black vinyl pressing. Killer guests onboard too, check the track listing yo.

A1. Intro

A2. Trained Killer

A3. Icicles

A4. From The Essence ft. Ric Branson

A5. Knights Of Malta

A6. Maroons ft. Neter Rootz

B1. Carmine Persico ft. Carmine Persico

B2. Murder From A Memoir

B3. Sicarios ft. Ray Vendetta, Lone Ninja & Tesla’s Ghost

B4. Talisman

B5. The Light We Cannot See

B6. Brave New World 2 (New Atlantis)


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