The First Stroke... 1989-1995

Back Bone Recordings
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Bristol legends and pioneers of Hip Hop’s late 80’s roots in the city, and beyond, MC’s Krissy Kriss, Kelz and DJ Lynx aka 3PM come together once again on this fantastic nine track compilation. Having worked alongside, and featured on tracks with fellow Bristol legends Smith & Mighty and The Wild Bunch back in the day, plus releasing their own discography, yet never delivering an album, you know there’s bound to have been more of their output stashed somewhere…

Here they’ve dug deep in the unreleased archives and assembled a selection of tracks from cassettes and dat tapes, originally recorded in Bristol between 1989 and 1995. From Kelz’s righteous fury on Posse Move Blues and Kriss’ easy charm on My Life, to the beautifully compact acapella Brother, it’s a vivid illustration of what could have been. Breakbeats tumble, reggae-inflected basslines tug, and inspired pop references curl into unexpected refrains (see Lynx’s deft manipulation of Debbie Harry on Toe-to-Toe). Inspiration, as 3PM would have it, is the word.

A1. Inspiration Is The Word

A2. Brainwashed

A3. Believe In Me

A4. Toe To Toe

B5. 3’s Da Number

B6. My Life

B7. Clash Of The Beats Pt.2

B8. Posse Move Blues

B9. Brother


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