Jam Baxter

The Gruesome Features

High Focus Records
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Jam Baxter’s monsterous Gruesome Features here on double vinyl, the project contains 17 high focused, brain feeding, lyric mutating masterpieces. An array of ill guests, Chester P, Verb T, Dirty Dike, Ramson Badbonez, Mr Key, Ronnie Bosh, Mowgli, King Kaiow, Leaf Dog, Dabbla, Ed Scissortongue, Fliptrix and DJ Sammy B-Side all rep fully. Plus producers Illinformed, Pete Cannon, Kerem Fraiche, Ben 9mm, Philly B, Ghosttown, Konchis and Shankles… don’t sleep.

Limited edition double violet vinyl repress.

A1. Brains

A2. Borrowed Time Ft. Ed Scissortongue

A3. E.F.T Ft. Mr Key

A4. Who Ft. Leaf Dog

B5. Gourmet Flesh Ft. Ramson Badbonez

B6. Q Ft. Dj Sammy B-Side

B7. Avalanche Ft. King Kaiow

B8. Eggs Ft. Dabbla

C9. Filet Mignon Ft. Dirty Dike

C10. Fine Ft. Chester P

C11. Altitude Sickness Ft. Ronnie Bosh

C12. Squashed Ft. Verb T

D13. Larvae Ft. Fliptrix

D14. Tin Of Worms Ft. Chester P

D15. Chemical Sweets Ft. Mowgli


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