Mr. Spleen ft. Hoodz Underground & Humurak D Gritty

The Hidden Links EP

Brainwash Beats
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A head knockin’ 2005 release from producer Mr. Spleen, as Sheffield and Cardiff emcees get busy over the beats. Killah release this!

(2nd hand, near mint condition vinyl, very good+ condition stickered sleeve, only 1 copy in stock)

A1. 21 Gun Salute ft. Hoodz Underground (Dirty)

A2. Break The Cycle ft. Menace (Clean)

A3. Nothing To Say? ft. Humurak D Gritty (Clean)

B1. Rap Legends ft. Hoodz Underground & DJ Creation (Dirty)

B2. 21 Gun Salute (Instrumental)

B3. Break The Cycle (Instrumental)


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