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The Initiative


End Of The Weak champ and all round skilled verbalist Kingpin, finally delivers his debut album… ‘The Initiative’ is a truly solid sounding release, production throughout is undertaken by a relatively unknown beat maker named Bas, however don’t let that put ya off, he comes with the goods, and then some, a varied selection of beats combined with Kingpin’s fresh flow make for a very impressive release, dude smacks it, don’t sleep.

01. Out The Box -Feat.Deadly Hunta

02. Mic In My Hand

03. Sound The Alarm -Feat.Filfy

04. I Need Money

05. Oh Damn!

06. Outta Here

07. Live At Eodub

08. Fire

09. Get Started

10. I Don’t Know

11. When It’s Over

12. Lives And Breathes

13. On The Corner

14. Peace Of Mind

15. Fire (Remix) -Feat.Kyza, Manage, Dubbledge & Stig Of The Dump (Bonus Track)

16. Media Hype (Bonus Track)


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