Leaf Dog & BVA

The Menu

Real Life Drama Records

Rolling deep with the ill beats comes Leaf Dog lined up alongside his brother in arms, fellow Four Owl, BVA. A monster of a release complete with rap royalty M.O.P. & Keith Murray also representing. Fully produced by Leaf Dog, with a little added heat cooked up by Illinformed & Stevi Beats too. It’s entitled The Menu. Nuff tasty joints on offer yo.

A1. Train Wreck OG

A2. Crazy Kush

A3. Sunset Sherbert

A4. Warhead ft. M.O.P.

A5. Alien Cookie

A6. Yesterday’s Psychosis

A7. Kimbo Kush

A8. Devil’s Breath

B1. Sea Sick

B2. Sweet Candy Cake

B3. Crystal Bully

B4. Sunday Driver

B5. Critical Chaos ft. Keith Murray

B6. Sour Loser

B7. Dirty Gelato

B8. Chalice Well


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