Ramson Badbonez

The Official Volume 2

Boot Records

Ramson Badbonez in full gear with this 21 track CD in advance of his Bad Influence album, although this follows his last mixtape, The Official Vol.2 flows and sounds like more of a completed album in its own right. Original production throughout from Harry Love, Jetsun, Wizard, Joe Spitz, Farma G, Zygote & Jazz T, Nutty P, Rowdy Beats, Charlie Mac and DJ IQ, plus guests Iron Braydz, Remus, Skandal, Revilo, BrothaMay, MAB & NOX. A plethora of styles are covered, from horrorcore and dubstep, to big sounding club bangers, and some more obscure styles, each one cutting down the opposition and cementing badbonez as a lyrical power house not to be fu@%ed with.

Limited copies in stock.

01. Intro

02. Follow My Lead

03. I Got Dat Sting

04. Knock Knock

05. U Aint Got Shit ft.Skandal

06. Upset Us

07. Da Slang Bang

08. Ringabadbonez

09. Burning Bushes ft. Nox & Iron Braydz

10. Kung Fu

11. Recognize ft. Brothamay

12. Whiplash Bitchslap

13. Heavily Stoned

14. Let Ya Self Go

15. Left A Mess ft. M.A.B

16. Da Jugganaut

17. I Just Don’t Care ft. Remus

18. I Cant Believe It’s True ft. Revilo

19. I Smell Pussy (Cod)

20. Fuck Em

21. Forthcoming Album Snippets


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