The Original Horns Of Jericho / Instrumental Movie Sound Track

Reservoir Records
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The 1996 pressing of Hijack’s groundbreaking 1991 album The Horns Of Jericho, presented here though with its original 1989 pre-release tracklist, and completed with a bonus vinyl containing the instrumentals.

(2nd hand, very good+ vinyl and stickered vinyl, only 1 copy in stock)

A1. The Shoguns Assassin

A2. Syndicate Outta Jail

A3. Daddy Rich

A4. Back To Brixton

A5. Hold No Hostage (Scratch Remix)

B1. Airwave Hijack

B2. Badman Is Robbin

B3. Kamanchi Sly = MC Squared

B4. Don’t Go With Strangers (Remix)

B5. Brother Versus Brother

B6. The Paranoid Schizophrenic With Homicidal Tendencies

B7. The Contract ft. Huntkillbury Finn, Shaka Shazam, The Icepick

B8. Murder In Tha’ First Degree

C1. The Shoguns Assassin (Instrumental)

C2. Syndicate Outta Jail (Instrumental)

C3. Daddy Rich (Instrumental)

C4. The Drummer (Instrumental)

C5. Hold No Hostage (Scratch Remix Instrumental)

D1. Airwave Hijack (Instrumental)

D2. Badman Is Robbin (Instrumental)

D3. Kamanchi Sly Equals MC Squared (Instrumental)

D4. Don’t Go With Strangers (Instrumental)

D5. Fings Are Gettin’ Better (Instrumental)

D6. Brother Versus Brother (Instrumental)

D7. The Contract (Instrumental)


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