Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim

The Purple Door (Tape)

Eatgood Records

With a shared love of gourmet dishes and luxury rap beats, Sonnyjim & Juga-Naut have cooked up some marvelous shit. A 12 course treat in the form of The Purple Door. The beats are woven in Sonnyjim’s trademark style; hypnotic sample choices and infectious loops carry the soundtrack; sneakily the samples build up in instrumentation which weaves the perfect quilt for the lyrics to rest on.

Jugz’ drops gems peppered with ambitious graft and empowerment fit to elevate someone from the basement to the board room; there’s playboy braggadocio, fly food references and life lessons – what other rapper is out here flexing about milk fed veal whilst at the same time reminding you of the responsibility of checking in on your Grandma?

A1. Pearl Diver

A2. Diamond Floors

A3. Neutral Leathers ft. Vandal Savage & Sonnyjim

A4. Lemon Pepper Skit

A5. Duck Season ft. Sonnyjim

A6. Lamborghini Dreams ft. Vandal Savage

B1. Look Around

B2. Deluxxxe ft. Sonnyjim

B3. Yellowcanarystones

B4. No Roof ft. Vandal Savage & Cappo

B5. The Purple Door

B6. More M’s


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