Lewis Parker

The Puzzle: Episode Two - The Glass Ceiling

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A 2018 re-issue of this classic Lewis Parker album, complete with revised artwork, don’t miss it, only 250 copies pressed.

The puzzle continues… Episode Two of The Puzzle – The Glass Ceiling is a continued espionage thriller, about the trials and tribulations in Lewis Parker’s and associates’ lives. Guest features from Sadat X, Mistah Spyce, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sam Hill, John Robinson, T.R.A.C, Eastkoast, ZU and more. Don’t sleep, LP bringing heat upon heat, again…

A1. Glass Clouds (Intro) (Cuts By Pings)

A2. The Glass Ceiling (Main Theme)

A3. World On My Shoulders ft. Jacky Danz

A4. Puzzle (Skit)

A5. Aerial View ft. T.R.A.C

A6. Big Themes For Little Losers ft. T.R.A.C

A7. Alone In Glass (Skit)

A8. Summer With Asakala

B1. Shark (Cuts By Pings)

B2. Face Of Illusion (Zu Link) ft. Zu

B3. Chameleon ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq

B4. Robbery

B5. Alone Thoughts ft. Zu

B6. Excursions ft. John Robinson (Cuts By Pings)

B7. Hard Endeavour

C1. Drum Drama (Skit)

C2. Words For The Boss

C3. Behind Backs ft. Yah Zeed Divine & Sam Hill

C4. Espionage Ring (Skit)

C5. The Facts Remain

C6. Face Of Illusion

C7. Vibrato Illusion ft. Mista Spyce

C8. Truth Syndrome ft. Eastkoast & Ade Something

D1. Walking On A Razor (Part 2) ft. Sadat X & Shabaam Sahdeeq (Cuts By Pings)

D2. Glass Survival (Skit)

D3. Game Of Survival

D4. Hand Of Jokers ft. T.R.A.C (Cuts By Pings)

D5. Race With The Devil ft. T.R.A.C & Eastkoast

D6. Glass Beat (Link)

D7. Worldwide Assassination


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