Dirty Dike

The Sloshpot EP

High Focus Records
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The Sloshpot EP is produced by Mr Boss, and also features Ronnie Bosh & Jam Baxter, with additional cuts from DJ Sammy B-Side & DJ Sugai. Side A contains 5 vocal tracks, side B contains all the instrumentals and an acapella for Sloshpots.

(Limited white vinyl pressing)

A1. Consequences

A2. Plenty More Piss In The Toilet

A3. Fuckpig Sloshpots ft. Ronnie Bosh

A4. Teeth ft. Jam Baxter & Ronnie Bosh

A5. All Things Considered

B1. Consequences (Instrumental)

B2. Plenty More Piss In The Toilet (Instrumental)

B3. Fuckpig Sloshpots (Instrumental)

B4. Teeth (Instrumental)

B5. All Things Considered (Instrumental)


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