Tony D & Locksmyth

The Tone & Smyth Show

Don't Flop Entertainment / Poison Inc Music

Poisonous Poets Tony D & Locksmyth join forces and finally unleash a full album, The Tone & Smyth Show is entirely produced by N.S.D and features a seriously large set of tracks, East London stylee. Expect a verbal barrage of street narratives and intricate wordplay spat with venom and precision. Along for the ride you’ll also find the likes of Mystro, Kyza, Reveal, Shameless, Seanie T, Dialect, Grimlok and more. A poisonous production in conjunction with the Don’t Flop Entertainment crew.

01. Intro Ft. Dj Mr Cosmo

02. Tone & Smyth

03. Business Plan Ft. A-Mens & Josiah Matrix

04. Waltham Forest Ft. Blitz Gullyish, T-Bear & Shameless

05. Nightmare Town Ft. Grimlok & Kyza

06. Breach Law Ft. Josiah Matrix & A-Cat

07. Rucksack Chedda Ft. Pound Sterling

08. Oh What A Day Ft. A-Cat & Frizzle

09. Bella Donna

10. King For A Day Ft. Reveal & S.V

11. Lord Knows I Try Ft. S.V

12. Hopes & Dreams Ft. Seanie T & Yisrael

13. Switch Flow

14. Cockney Mutha Luvva Ft. Mystro

15. Police Harassment Ft. O’Shea

16. This Ones For Ft. Dialect

17. Floating (Remix) Ft. Josiah Matrix

+ Bonus Unnamed Track


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