The Triple3 Effect

B-Line Recordings

Biiig album status right here, man like Specifik on the production throughout, line up? Well, take a look for yourself, too many heavyweights onboard here, from emcees to dj’s, it’s a belter! In fact it’s safe to say The Triple3 Effect is well and truly in full, effect.

Limited edition cd with bonus material not found on the vinyl edition, six extra tracks to be exact.

01. What Is The Triple3 Effect (Intro)

02. Ting Ft. Uncle Kelz & Sir Beans OBE

03. Summertime Ft. Craig G

04. Eight Bars To Flex Ft. Mercury, Dj Krash Slaughta, Sy Matic, Dj Jabbathakut, Dj Woody, Del Soul Condor, Sir Beans OBE, Dj Tones, Dj Jazz T & Dj Destruction

05. Public Service Announcement (Skit)

06. The Pits Ft. King Kashmere

07. Spread Love Repeat Ft. Junior Disprol

08. Visionary Heavyweight Ft. Iron Bridge

09. MetaWar (Skit)

10. Crumblin’ Bricks ft. Chrome

11. Culture War Ft. Figure Of Speech

12. Hurt The Transit Ft. El Da Sensei, Cosm & Phill Most Chill

13. Get Wild (Skit)

14. Under Control Ft. Whirlwind D & Doozer

15. 4give My Actions Ft. The Nujericans

16. This Is Not A Test Ft. Oliver Twist

(Bonus Material)

17. Get Em ft. Craig G

18. Back To Business ft. Carpetface & Whirlwind D

19. Fight Clean ft. Rola

20. Incurable ft. Chrome & Sy Matic

21. Kill The Slack ft. Project Cee

22. I’m Jettin’ ft. Oxygen


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