Big Toast

The Wedding Fund

Revorg Records

The debut solo album from TPS emcee Big Toast, a fully locked and loaded to the brim release with some whoop ass beats from the likes of Ill Move Sporadic, Sam Zircon, Bad Habitz, The Strange Neighbour, Jack Diggs, Oliver Sudden, Downstroke, 184 and more. Plus guest spots from Datkid, Luca Brazi, Efeks, Gee Bag, Ogre Drool, Jack Diggs, Luca Brazi, Oliver Sudden, Gee Bag, Stinkin Slumrok, Strange Neighbour & FlowTecs.

Once again Revorg Records bringing the flavour, Toast shines the light on inner city regeneration and the effect it has on the local communities already living in tight pocket times, and much more… A real life drama bought to life via the big emcee, simply put, it’s big! Don’t sleep.

01. My New Record

02. Waste Days Ft. Ogre Drool

03. Wedding Fund

04. Unbelievable Krimewave Ft. Jack Diggs, Oliver Sudden, Ogre Drool, Gee Bag, Stinkin Slumrok & Flowtecs

05. Sheep

06. Set This Straight Ft. Jack Diggs & Efeks

07. Sell Units

08. Fuck Off Tarquin Ft. Jack Diggs, Datkid & Strange Neighbour

09. Play

10. Good

11. Graveyard Shift

12. Shit Pub Ft. Oliver Sudden & Luca Brazi

13. Old Cunt

14. Married Life

15. Departing


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