Unknown Suspect2

The Writing

Rona Records
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The Writing is the debut album from two seasoned veterans of the game, T.o.T.o.04 & 210Presents, aka Unknown Suspect2, aka T2.

Deeply focused on the most dangerous element of Hip-Hop culture, lifestyle and movements.
The Writing is an instrumental album including 13 beats with skits from favourite graffiti movies and pioneers’ interviews.

Edition of 200. Don’t miss out! This is SO dope.

A1. Welcome

A2. Backjump

A3. Chalfant’s Story

A4. Incognito

A5. We Can Read It

A6. Lets Go

B7. The Writing

B8. Blades Story

B9. Steps To The Exit

B10. Spookiness

B11. First Train

B12. Trackside Burners

B13. Deep Sea (Bonus Track)


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