The X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape

Yogocop Records

Low slung boom blaps and late night bars for your burned out braincells from the wonderful Wundrop, loving the vibe onboard this ten tracker. Production comes from Mr Slipz, illiterate, NuphZed and Wundrop himself, with cuts by Tom Yum. Whilst guest verbals come from Ash The Author, Kemastry, Ergoh, Nuphzed & Dingo.

Comes in a full colour card sleeve.

01. Pipe Lines

02. Pocket Fluff

03. Maccy D Baby Boom ft. Kemasty

04. Free Ned Bundy ft. Dingo (Skit)

05. Wun Killa

06. Up Down South East ft. Ergoh & Nuphzed

07. The Potion ft. Ash The Author

08. Sti’s (Skit)

09. Antfw

10. The X-Brain Yo-Yo ft. Kemastry


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