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Top Of The Class 2006

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The biggest singles of 2006 all on one banging cd, featuring Lewis Parker, Task Force, Billy Brimstone, Sway, Million Dan, Yungun & M Thing, Kyza, Braintax and more.

01.Emmanuel Feat.Braintax -Let’s Go Away

02.Billy Brimstone -Keep It Live

03.Yungun & Mr Thing -Forget Me Not

04.Lewis Parker -Don’t Forget About Ya Boy

05.Ghost Feat.Verb T & Asaviour -The Payoff

06.DJ IQ Feat.Foreign Beggars & Dr Syntax -Welcome 2the Circus

07.The Blacknificent Seven -‘Ere Comes Da Black! (Dj Mentat Remix)

08.Evil Ed & Conspicuous Feat.Doc Brown, Seanie T, Tb, Konny Kon & Broke ‘N’ English -Bbq

09.Verb T & Harry Love -Hypnotizm

10.Sway Feat.El Rae -Products

11.Supar Novar -All The Way

12.Serocee Feat.Jamiar -Life

13.Foreign Beggars Feat.Oh No -Slow Broiled Ilk

14.Million Dan -Pull Up (Million Dan Remix)

15.Sir Smurf Lil’ -Timothy

16.Taskforce & Rawdog -March Of The Beatnicks (Live Version)

17.Kyza -Fight Klub

18.Dj Mentat Feat.Durrty Goodz -What Happnin’ (Remix)


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