Children Of Zeus

Travel Light

First Word Records

The most anticipated debut long player from Tyler Daley and Konny Kon, bringing that soulful British boom bap and lo-fi dusty street sound to the masses, with extended sprinklings of jazz and reggae all fused together with their ever so impressive vocal stylings and subject matter. Terri Walker also features onboard, plus an extended Manchester crew, [ K S R ], LayFullStop, Metrodome & DRS. Guest production comes from Juga-Naut, Beat Butcha and Switzerland’s Sebb Bash, and ultra cuts from the king DJ Mr Thing.

A1. The Story So Far

A2. All On You ft. [ K S R ] & DRS

A3. 360º

A4. Slow Down

A5. Hoodman2manhood

A6. Kintsugi

B1. The Heart Beat

B2. Fear Of A Flat Planet ft. LayFullStop

B3. Hard Work

B4. Sling Shot Riddim ft. Terri Walker

B5. Respect Mine

B6. Daddy’s Car

B7. Vibrations (Divine Signature)


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