Sean Peng & Illinformed

Trips To The Medicine Cabinet

Lost Scroll Records

Sean Peng laces fifteen sure shot productions from Illinformed with his ill flow and finesse for this full length album, bringing the heat as they both do. It also features special guests Smellington Piff, People Without Shoes, Scott Lark, Datkid, Eric The Red, Life MC, O.A.B, NLP, and DJ’s Buzzword & Merk.

01. Danka Sean ft. DJ Buzzword

02. Elixir

03. Cryostasis

04. Continuum ft. NLP

05. Bug House

06. Dr. Doctor

07. Green God Ft. People Without Shoes & Eric The Red

08. Bitter Sweet Ft. Life MC & Dj Merk

09. Third Eye

10. Full Moon

11. Deranged Halfwits ft. O.A.B

12. Humming ft. Datkid

13. Too Many Lines

14. Rotten Seeds ft. Scott Lark & Mothman

15. Paradigm ft. DJ Merk


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