Strizzy Strauss

Trust The Process

Ie. Records

Big debut album flex from Leicester native Strizzy Straus, rolling with a fantastic set and sound throughout this twelve track Trust The Process bonanza. Features also include Vandal Savage, Siddeeq Matthew, SunSun, Astrixx, Rabbs, Ash Styles & Logic. With beats handled by Rabbs, Dirty Sweet, Feenikz, Sik Sense & LRD. A souful boom bap heartfelt affair, expect the realness.

01. Who am I ft. Vandal Savage

02. Testament ft. Siddeeq Matthew

03. Concrete Jungle

04. Hieroglyfics

05. Speed of Life ft. SunSun

06. How Ya Mean

07. Gems ft. Astrixx

08. Hard Times ft. Rabbs

09. Offspring

10. Driven ft. SunSun

11. Follow Your Dreams ft. Ash Styles & Logic

12. Trust The Process (Outro)



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