Independent Hype Vol. 2

UK'z Most Urban

Oshin Production

Released in 2004…

Independent Hype returns bringing you Volume 2 (The UK’s Most Urban) exposing the vibrant underbelly of emerging UK Hip Hop artists. Deadbeat of battering the doors of well-established, corporate labels, these artists are now fast creating and displaying their own innovations. Showing you reality on the urban streets, this film conveys a true insight into the music industry but also the perils and the strife of life within our inner cities including profiles on your most wanted artists.

Featuring interviews and performances from K’Ners, Funky DL, Paragon, Klashnekoff, Big P & Skeme, Hoodz Underground, UK All Stars, Big Ted & Shortee Blitz, Fredi Kruga and Beyonder & Poni. Plus special guest appearances by Afrika Bambaataa, Dead Prez, Flava Flav, Jazzy Jeff, GZA, Chuck D, Tony Touch, Wordsworth & many more!

Running time 99 mins.


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