Uncle Mic Nitro

Vincent On Horseback

B-Line Recordings / Hip Hop Be Bop Records ‎
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Uncle Mic Nitro drops a bomb on yo ass right here, blowing up the spot with his second solo album Vincent On Horseback. Laying down the dett lyric flow and spot on guest list, coming with a varied content and sound over the whole shebang. Something here for everyone, in a nutshell, he smashes it. Rather striking vinyl and sleeve too, top draw. Get in there.

(Neon yellow vinyl, free sticker and face mask)

A1. Play Dead ft. DJ Tones

A2. Snap Ya Neck ft. Joe Burn & DJ Tones

A3. Bod Gets Slapped Up ft. Ced Gee & Ramson Badbonez (Krash Slaughta Remix)

A4. Zasa ft. AJ & Specifik

A5. Hills Are Alive

A6. Keep Drinking

B1. Lemonade ft. Juga-Naut & Jabbathakut

B2. Where The Monster Is ft. Noah Churton

B3. New Planet Goons ft. Micall Parknsun, Klashnekoff & Jabbathakut

B4. Write

B5. Fuck You ft. Greg Blackman & Jabbathakut


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