Verses Bang

Versace Rings & Chest Pains

Gutta Records

Troll Gang get busy with the long player from emcee Verses Bang, a hype release that fires shots down ya throat and lands you in all sorts of trouble. Lyrically it’s a verbal throwdown like b-boys on lino, but taking it to the streets via the off licence and local drug dealer, whilst producer Oozhe compliments the set with some crazy beats, in a good way. Not your average boom bap, more like boom trap. Style upon style.

01. Lemon Fanta

02. Running Contradiction

03. Crocodile Dundee

04. Ones

05. Brian Pillman (Skit)

06. What You Think

07. Custard Creams

08. Toppings

09. Slick Rick Flair ft. Tommy Dockerz

10. Like The Wind

11. Top Tucked In


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