Onoe Caponoe

Voices From Planet Cattele

High Focus Records

CD version of Onoe Caponoe’s debut album Voices From Planet Cattele. The album is fully produced by South London Hip Hop veteran Chemo, aka Telemachus, and also features guest vocals from Jehst. A psychedelic ride into the next skool, both emcee and producer connect in fine form.

01. Cattele Intro

02. Space Bitches

03. Lord Of The Light (Sun Riddim)

04. Moon – Galactico

05. Disappearing Jakob

06. Space Jungles Of Cattele

07. Goth Bitches (The Serenade) ft. Jehst – Rain

08. Peace To Tha Godz ft. Mother Earth And The Sad Trumpet

09. Horse In The Hill (Quadrant) – Sandcastle Master

10. Under The Bridge

11. Paint Your Body Gold


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