Aerosol Planet

Volume 3


Featuring Graphotism and Sleeping Giants jam – 250 worldwide writers including the Montana Team: Can2, Smash, Atom, Kent, Blade NYC, Sever, Revok, Rime, Askew, Insa, Astek, Inkie, NT, Snug, Chu, Brave, Casrock and 100’s more.

Write For Gold UK / Aerosolics event: Seak, Smash, Maclaim, Xenz, Wow123, Wordplay, Icons, Wany1, DDS, Bleach, Klit, Inkie, Tizer, Love Pusher and more.

Words from the legend that is Jim Prigoff – co author of Spraycan Art.

VOP show at 198 Gallery – Solo One and Dane

In depth interviews with Jon156, Amour and Psyckoze.

Paris walls and halls of fame.

Plus a whole lot more

2 hours long.


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