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Datkid returns on fine form with Wakmo, his second album for the High Focus label, here with Illinformed on the beats knocking gems out left, right and centre over the twenty, yes twenty tracks on offer. Killer wordplay and multiple vibes. Plus a huge guest list all along for the ride, shottin’ verbal fire arms alongside the champion spitter Datty, no fakin’. Leaf Dog, Smellington Piff, BVA, Crossbone T, Mistafire, Sean Peng, Wyatt Earp, Bil Next, Dedw8, Eric The Red, Res One, Jack Jetson, Wish Master, ManlikeMally, Tona Montona, Babylon Dead, Bil Next & Wish Master all represent. Wakmo!

A1. Take The Wheel

A2. Thick Lip

A3. One Way Or Another

A4. Crooked ft. Bil Next & Wish Master

A5. Look Up ft. Sean Peng

B6. Nothing But ft. Leaf Dog

B7. Where You At

B8. Aktive

B9. Thorn In Your Side ft. Babylon Dead

B10. ChitChat ft. DEDW8

C11. Don’t Lie ft. Crossbone T & Mistafire

C12. Steve Harper ft. Smellington Piff

C13. Line It Up

C14. This Place

C15. Scrub Your Hands ft. ManlikeMally

D16. Fentanyl ft. Wyatt Earp, Bil Next, Eric The Red, Res One, Jack Jetson, Wish Master, Tona Montona & Babylon Dead


D18. Dole Benefit Klaimers ft. Res One

D19. Dunno ft. BVA & Verb T

D20. Slime


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