Orphans Of Cush

White Noize

Triple Darkness / Suspect Packages

Triple Darkness presents… Orphans Of Cush – laying down the gauntlet to all those weak ass emcees out there claiming to hold the crown yet saying jack shit in their rhymes. This heavy hitting release is the debut from super crew Orphans Of Cush, comprising of M9, Kyza, Cyrus Malachi & Masikah. Holding weight and firing poison pen darts these four emcee’s showcase their new unit going in hard over some sick beats from the likes of Godfather Don, Havoc, Mathmatics, Bundy, Lord Finesse and more, don’t sleep, pure fire right here.

01. Rain Blood

02. Reflections

03. Pillage ’09

04. 3rd Eye

05. Pop Tarts

06. Black Sapphire

07. Street Tapestry (Blasphemy Solo)

08. Why?

09. White Noize

10. Interlude

11. Pandora’s Box

12. The Struggle

13. Warheadz

14. Novacaine

15. The Butterfly Effect

16. Lost Generation

17. Where We At?


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