Big Toast & 184

Who Shit In The Sandpit?

Revorg Records

Revorg Records step outside the boom bap boundaries and deliver a sterling follow up to the 2018 Prolefeed album from emcee Big Toast & producer 184 with this Who Shit In The Sandpit? set.

Taking a different direction here they deliver a more laid back and melodic approach. The title is an abstract and Toast-esque expression referring to how the world and the next generation stand to inherit
(the Sandpit) and how it’s being destroyed by the greed and
stupidity of older generations (the Shit). It is at least a partial departure from the nihilistic and misanthropic themes on previous projects, perhaps a consequence of Toast’s desire to leave a better world for his firstborn, who arrived during the making of the project.

It provides provides comic relief from the more pointed social and political statements elsewhere and also features fellow Tuff Boy, The Strange Neighbour, sometime Sleaford Mods vocalist John Paul and Croydon’s Breezy Lee elevating every track she features on with
her sumptuously soulful vocals. Halo Jones also adds the finishing touches with his distorted guitar riffs, providing further musicality to an already boundary pushing Hip Hop album.

This limited edition gatefold cd digipack also features a bonus song F.W.L., not found on the vinyl version.

01. This Is England ft. Breezy Lee

02. Alles Langweilig

03. Who Shit In The Sandpit?

04. Anyone Order A Tough Guy? ft. The Strange Neighbour

05. F. W. L. (Fred West Landscaping) ft. The Strange Neighbour

06. Paul Gascoigne

07. Backpack ft. John Paul & Breezy Lee

08. One For The Bank

09. Skills

10. Slaughterhouse ft. additional vocals by Verbz

11. Us/Them ft. Breezy Lee


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