Phoenix Da Icefire

Winged Scarab Vol.1

Swe Records

Phoenix Da Icefire aka Solar Black outta the Triple Darkness camp readys himself for a new album drop with this superb seventeen track sling shotter. Mixed and sliced by DJ Madhandz it not only features Icefire’s top notch lyrical darts and wordplay, but those of guests such as Cormega, Timbo King, M9, Da Flyy Hooligan, Ray Vendetta, Jah Miracle, Black Prophet, Iverse, D Martian, Rasputin & Alfred. All coming equipped with the sure fire verbals set to burn fire in the speaker set, a hands down killer combo of cuts onboard right here, hold tight for that album.

(Comes in a sealed full colour card wallet)

01. Intro

02. Philosophers Stone

03. Ma’at ft. M9

04. Bloody Battle Grounds ft. Timbo King

05. Salvadores Pens

06. Black Tradegy ft. Jah Miracle, Black Prophet & Iverse

07. Trichotomy

08. Gold Plated

09. Crow Bar Head Topper ft. Iron Braydz Aka Da Flyy Hooligan & Ray Vendetta

10. Microphone Highlander

11. Do My Thing ft. Cormega & D Martian

12. The Color Pain

13. People Of Light ft. Rasputin

14. Cinnamon Sweet ft. Alfred

15. Verbal Gunslingers

16. Respect The Game

17. The Aby


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