Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps

Yesterday's Futures

High Focus Records

High Focus Records is proud to present Yesterday’s Futures, the highly anticipated debut album from Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps. The album also features Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Dirty Dike & Ronnie Bosh and re-unites the Contact Play/SMB emcee with his cohorts, coming with some ill wordplay over Greenwood Sharps’ soundscapes.

The CD comes shrink wrapped in a digi pack with a full colour 16 page booklet housing an original piece of artwork made for every track on the album. Artwork by the talented Jamie Johnson.

01. Rituals ft. Jam Baxter

02. Exact Costs Pt.1 // All Rise ft. Edward Scissortongue

03. Missing You

04. Millions

05. Fall Away

06. Funny Valentine

07. Kids Story

08. Solstice

09. Exact Costs Pt. 2 // This Much I Know

10. Tongue Bite ft. Dirty Dike & Ronnie Bosh

11. Faust Hype

12. Cowboy Builders

13. Icarus Instinct

14. Dandelion


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