Big Toast & Ill Move Sporadic

You Are Not Special

Starch Records

Since the 80s, rampant individualism has been promoted through every aspect of our culture to create a zeitgeist of self-absorbed banality. In response to this, south London rapper Big Toast has teamed up with beat making duo Ill Move Sporadic to produce a misanthropic musical manifesto in album form entitled You Are Not Special – the ninth release from London based label Starch Records.

Combining crunching, atmospheric, sample-based backdrops, Ill Move Sporadic have upped their game a good few notches since their last release Panic Room 9, which took the scene (and BBC 6 Lauren Laverne) by storm last year. True to form Ill Move sporadic bring their trademark sound – a sound built on an obvious love of Hip Hop and beat making but also on classic out board equipment like EMU and AKAI – original breaks and rugged basslines tear through every track setting the tone for the album. Sparse crunchy samples, instrumental stabs and tightly chopped loops provide Toast with the perfect soundscape to deliver his sharp, sarcastic social commentary, something Ill Move Sporadic specialize in.

Big Toast doesn’t hold back commenting on modern life as he sees it. Subjects vary from the gentrification of London to his passionate hate of the Tories. He holds no bars, an outpouring of frustration delivered in a comedic and musical way but with heavy hitting, thought provoking undertones.

A1. Cult Of The Individual

A2. You Are Not Special


A4. Unspecial ft. Joey Menza

A5. Bumpy Town

B1. Authenticity

B2. Do Wat Sunshine?

B3. Do With Ya Life

B4. Stanhope Skit

B5. Too Many


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